10 lovely phrases which will definitely impress your date!


valentine-card-vector-setHi guys!
So…how was your Valentine’s Day? Did you go out with someone cute? For sure you did! Just to make your amorous skills even better here are 10 lovely words and phrases which will definitely impress your date (and not only on St. Valentine’s Day):

1. To flirt (verb)

If you flirt with someone, you want to show that you like them by what you say or how you act.

You can flirt in a few different ways by speaking e.g. “you look really cute today!” or by text or written communication (eg. “luved how u were smiling in class today xox.”).

Tip: When we write ‘love’ in text or instant messages we often write ‘luv’. This is not grammatically correct and does not exist in the dictionary, but when we write on Facebook, Twitter or text messages we want to be as short as possible. (e.g. ‘luv u’).

Extra Tip: When we sign a message with ‘xox’ it means hugs and kisses or we can just end a message with kisses ‘xxx.’

2. To have a crush on someone (phrase)

If you have a crush on someone, it means you like them A LOT and you would love the opportunity to be more than friends with them. Maybe you should try today ?

3. Would you like to go out with me?

Do you really like someone and want to spend more time with them? Perhaps you want to ask them to go to a movie or go for dinner, but you don’t know how? Never fear, this phrase is really simple and it’s the actual asking that’s more difficult.

4. Serenade (verb/noun)

Beautiful, starry night and a man playing the guitar and singing a serenade (a romantic piece of music) under your balcony? Yes, please!

5. Table for two (phrase)

A MUST if you want to impress your date in a restaurant! Order a table for two and enjoy your company and a candlelit dinner (romantic dinner with candles)!

6. Admirer (noun)

Admirer comes from the verb ‘admire’ and it refers to the person who respects or loves you. Sometimes on Valentine’s Day you may receive a Valentine’s Day card without a name, signed ‚from your secret admirer,’ too shy to reveal their true feelings and name.

7. Be Mine (phrase)

A real Casanova phrase! However, this is a common line in a Valentine’s Day card and it’s a cute way of saying “I’m into you!”

8. Darling (noun)

If you call someone ‚darling,’ it means that you like them. It’s another way of saying my ‘love’ or ‘babe’ or ‘sweetheart’.

9. Candy (noun)

Who doesn’t love candy? The word ‚candy’ refers to any kind of sweet or chocolate and if you’re partner has a sweet tooth (loves sweet things) then giving them a gift of candy on Valentine’s Day is ideal!

10. To fall in love (phrase)

To fall in love means that your feelings develop and you go from liking a person to having a much stronger more passionate feeling for them.

Have a LOVEly evening!


Zima, zima, zima…Are you snowbound?

Hi guys!

If you love winter sports, the weather this winter break is perfect for you! Check out some words and expressions connected with snow and cold (and don’t forget to dress warm when skiing, ice-skating or … just sitting at home in front of the fireplace!

a cold snap – a sudden period of extreme cold weather; (Polish: nagłe ochłodzenie)

ex: Each winter an unexpected cold snap surprises everyone.

black ice – a very thin coating of ice found on roads and sidewalks that is difficult to see, and therefore quite dangerous; (Polish: gołoledź)

ex: He slipped and fell down, because didn’t notice that the pavement was coated with black ice.

to hibernate – to sleep through the winter in order to reserve energy; (Polish: zapaść w sen zimowy)

ex: I think I could eat a lot and then hibernate all winter just to wake up in the spring.

snow drift – a deep pile of snow that builds up because of wind; (Polish: zaspa)

ex: Everytime I look out the window on Monday morning all I can see is a massive snow drift, and so I know that my dad overslept and didn’t manage to clear the driveway of snow. Again.

to be snowbound – to be stranded or unable to leave a place because of heavy snowfall; (Polish: zasypany śniegiem; odcięty od świata z powodu śniegu)

ex: Due to the heavy snowfall our house was snowbound, so we didn’t go to school and spent the day playing video games.

whiteout – to be unable to tell the difference between things because of an overabundance of snow; (Polish: brak widoczności z powodu śniegu, śnieżycy/zamieci lub mgły)

ex: I opened the door and all I saw was the world covered with white snow. It was a real whiteout !

Stay warm !


Our blog’s revival- are you a lark, an owl or a hummingbird?

Hi! Are you still there?!

It’s been a really long time since you last heard from us. We are so bad and mean- forcing you to wait for such long. But we do hope you will forgive us and you’re looking forward to some new posts and you’re really eager to learn some new English words. So dear English eaters, here we go again!

The weekend is coming! You have a wonderful chance to make up for sleep lost during the week …

…. and to check if you are a Lark, an Owl or a Hummingbird.


If you are a lark, an early bird or early-to-bed/early to rise type, it means that you prefer going to bed earlier in the evening and jump out of bed (almost) at dawn. You are at your sharpest in the first part of the day, when you are naturally most active, alert and enthusiastic.

(in Polish: skowronek; „ranny ptaszek”)

owlIf you are a night owl or late-to-bed/late-to-rise type, you stay up late because you are most productive and full of beans in the evenings and at night. You prefer to lie in and stay in bed until late, and you usually associate early mornings with suffering and caffeine overdose.

(in Polish: sowa; „nocny marek”)

hummingbirdIt’s best to be a hummingbird or an intermediate. If this is your type you have traits of both an early bird and a night owl. You are more flexible with your schedule and can easily adjust to sleeping in various parts of the day. However, you are much more affected by „post lunch dip,” a very strong desire to sleep which appears in the early afternoon and makes you fall asleep almost immediately, whatever the case might be.

(in Polish: koliber)

So? Which type are you?



Have a nice weekend and a good night sleep!