EE takes a break!

Hi Folks, Just to inform you this school year English Eater takes a break from teaching. We wish you all good luck with your own adventure with English!Truly Yours, English Eater

Mother Nature is speaking (in Julia Roberts’ voice)!


This video really blew my mind! Recently, due to some political and social affairs, I’ve had this overwhelming feeling that mankind has undertaken a wrong course of action and somehow our civilization is heading for self-destruction. A few days ago I came across the series of videos „Nature is Speaking” released by The Conservation International ( These seven videos are narrated by some film industry celebrieties who give voice to Nature components. We hear from Water, the Coral Reef, The Ocean, The Soil or The Rainforest (amazing Kevin Spacey!). I find these short films visually beautiful but most of all really powerful and thought-provoking. This video starring Julia Roberts as Mother Nature makes you realize the essential, the basic, the most crucial of all issues- the thing which apparently we have all forgotten about. Just watch it and bear this clear message in mind (please).


to thrive– kwitnąć, rozwijać się

to falter– osłabnąć, załamywać się, zachwiać się

aeons ago – całe wieki temu

species– gatunki

to starve– głodzić

to feed– karmić

soil– gleba, ziemia

stream– potok, strumień

to regard– brać kogoś pod uwagę, cenić, okazywać komuś szacunek

to disregard–  lekceważyć, nie zważać na coś, okazywać brak poszanowania

fate– los

to go on– trwać, kontynuować (istnienie)

to evolve– ewoluować, rozwijać się


Listen to JULIA ROBERTS As The Voice Of NATURE

“ Some call me Nature, others call me mother nature

I’ve been here for over four and a half billion years

Twenty-two thousand five hundred times longer than you

I don’t really need people but people need me

Yes, your future depends on me

When I thrive, you thrive

When I falter, you falter or worse (?)

But I’ve been here for aeons

I have fed species greater than you, and

I have starved species greater than you

My oceans, my soil, my flowing streams, my forests,

They all can take you or leave you

How you chose to live each day whether you regard or

disregard me doesn’t really matter to me

One way or the other your actions will determine your fate not mine

I am nature

I will go on

I am prepared to evolve

Are you?”




Spring is in the air:)

Hi folks!

Spring is almost here – definitely when you look out of the window you can spot the diffindeks 2erence. Warm wind, sunny and longer days and more cheerful people in the streets. Farewell to gloomy (ponury) and grey wintertime days. Just to say hello to the forthcoming season today we’re gonna learn two English proverbs related to a bird which is said to be a „badge” (oznaka, atrybut) of spring! Namely the swallow (jaskółka).

Hey ho, let’s go!

one swallow doesn’t make a summer- jedna jaskółka nie czyni wiosny

it’s best to be your own man– powiedziały jaskółki, że niedobre są spółki

Do remember these wise sayings!

Take care!



Have we met before?

Hello English eaters!
SPforum_introduce_yourselfSince school started again a few weeks ago, it certainly is a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people and make friends for life🙂

But in order to do that, you have to know how to *introduce youselves*(=przedstawić się) properly and so *make a good impression*(=zrobić dobre wrażenie).

Remember the good old „Hi! What’s your name?” and „My name is…” to start with, and have a closer look at some less standard introductions.

1. *I’m so pleased to meet you!*(=Bardzo miło mi cię poznać!) – have you just been introduced to a new person and you want to tell them how nice it is meeting them? Well, this is just the right phrase to use on such an occasion!

2. *I’ve heard so much about you!*(= Tyle o tobie słyszałem/am!)– in case the person you’re being introducedkeep calm to is well known, this is just the right English small talk phrase to tell them during the introduction!

3. *I’d like you to meet someone!*(=Chcę ci/wam kogoś przedstawić) – this is a typical way of introducing a new person to one or more people.

4. *I am indeed! And you must be…*(=Tak, to ja! A ty to pewnie…) – when someone else approaches you and calls you by your name, and you’re pretty sure who that person is, this is the right English small talk phrase to use: “Hello, is it Mark?” – “I am indeed! And you must be James!?”

5. *Please, call me…*(=Mów mi…) – a few minutes into the conversation with a new person you may want to lighten up the mood by giving the other person a permission to call you by your name or a more friendly version of your name: “And by the way Michael…” – “Please, call me Mike!”

6. *Have we met before?*(=Czy my się skądś nie znamy?) – in case you really don’t recognize the person saying hello to you, you can use this phrase to ask them if you’ve met before. Yes, it’s a bit awkward, but there’s really no better way of putting it!

That’s it for today.
Have fun meeting new people and remember to always be polite!

Autumn is here!

Hi Guys! Autumn is here! 12003244_792347127542440_5858839965148518120_n

Below you have a list of autumnal words to practice for today:

Acorn – żołądź
Autumn – jesień
Apple – jabłko
Brown – brązowy
Chestnut – kasztan
Colourful – kolorowy
Comfy – wygodny
Falling leaves – spadające liście
(REMEMBER! 1 leaf … but 2,3,4 and more leaves)
Foggy – mglisty
Golden – złoty
Hay – siano
Harvest – zbiory, żniwa
Heater – grzejnik
Nuts – orzechy
Pumpkin – dynia
Rake – grabie
Rainy – deszczowy
Red – czerwony
Sunny – słoneczny
Warm – ciepły
Windy – wietrzny
Wollen sweater – wełniany sweter
Thanksgiving– Święto Dziękczynienia
Turkey – indyk
Umbrella – parasol
Yellow – żółty

Is autumn your favourite season of the year?